Women Art & Technology by Judy Malloy

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Women, Art & Technology, edited by Judy Malloy, foreword by Pat Bentson, A Leornardo Book, Cambridge, Massachussetts, Londres, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, The MIT Press, 2003.
Although women have been at the forefront of art and technology creation, no source has adequately documented their core contributions to the field. Women, Art & Technology, which originated in a Leornardo journal project of the same name, is a conpendium of the work of women artists who have played a central role in the development of new media practice.
The book included  overviews of the history and foundations of the field by, among others, artists Sheila Pinkel and Kathy Brew, classic papers by wormen working in art and technology; papers written expressly for this book by women whose work is currently shaping and rechaping the field; and a series of critical essays that look to the future.

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