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1967 : chronologie performance

1967 - BYARS James Lee, 3 in a Pants, 1967. - CLARK Lygia, Mascaras Sensoriais, 1967. - CLARK Lygia, The I and the You: Clothing/Body/Clothing, 1967. Rio de Janeiro. - EXPORT Valie, Cutting, 1967-68. This examination of the importance of cutting techniques...

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1968 : chronologie performance

1968 - CLARK Lygia, Dialogo-Oculos, 1968. - EXPORT Valie, Tapp und Task Kino (Touch Cinema), 1968. For Touch Cinema, Export allowed to touch her breasts through a portable curtained contraption for 30 seconds per person. In the artist’s own words : «...

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1969 : chronologie performance

1969 - ACCONCI Vito, Following Piece, 1969. Following Piece is one of Acconci’s early works. The underlying idea was to select a person from the passers-by who were by chance walking by and to follow the person until he or she disappeared into a private...

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