Synchromatic Baseball @ Howard Fried. 1971

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Performed at night with friends on the roof of Fried’s studio at 16 Rose St. Game is interrupted when Fried falls through the skylight.

Alec Lambie. « 16 Rose Street », Artweek, v. 3, January 1, 1972, p. 1. Photos and text on the history of 16 Rose Street, a building in San Francisco leased by Reese Palley Gallery and given over as studio space to artists such as Sam Richardson, Terry Fox, James Pennuto, Howard Fried, Barney Bailey, and Alec Lambie. Extrait :

« (A description of Howard Fried’s Synchomatic Baseball) : One of Howard Fried’s studio pieces was a baseball game, using over-ripe tomatoes as balls, played on the roof at 16 Rose Street during August (1971). Artists and visiting friendss were divided into 2 teams, one made up of people Fried considered apt to behave dominantly in their relationship to him (though not necessarily so in other situations) and the other made up people he throught not apt to behave dominantly toward him. As a wild game progressed, Fried found that the dominant group took charge and the non-dominant stood around and very little.

Before the evening was over Fried fell through a skylight, cut his arms and made a hurried trip to the nearest hospital emergency room. Content with the strength of the situation and not in the least distressed by this end to the evening, he considers the baseball game one of his more interesting and successful works. »

Fried Howard Synchromatic Baseball 1971

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