Pixellage @ Darryl Sapien. 1983-84

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Sapien Darryl Pixellage 83-84 1

SAPIEN Darryl, Pixellage. 1983-84. San Francisco Opera House, with the San Francisco Ballet and choreographer Betsy Erickson. Ten dancers in white costumes interacteed with computer generated, animated scenery set to the music of Corelli played by a live orchestra. The synchronized interaction involved five couples choreographed to move into and out of a continuously moving colorful backdrop. In three movements the music, the choreography and scenery coalesced in response to different rhythms and tempi. The imagery revolved around a subtle thème of maintaining one’s humanity in a incresingly dehumanizing world. « Pixellage » was the first large scale live treatrical production using animated scenery that was entirely computer generated.

Sapien Darryl Pixellage 83-84 2Sapien Darryl Pixellage 83-84 3Sapien Darryl Pixellage 83-84 4Sapien Darryl Pixellage 83-84 5Sapien Darryl Pixellage 83-84 6Sapien Darryl Pixellage 83-84 7

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