Micro-Event No. 20 @ Tsuneko Taniuchi. 1998 & 2003

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Taniuchi Micro-Event 20 1998-2003

- TANIUCHI Tsuneko, Micro-Event No.20/How to Become a Good Housewife: ‘‘Here, There and Nowhere’’, Quartier Éphémère, Montréal, 1998 and ‘‘What is Domestic Art 4?’’, Traffic Gallery, Ivry-sur-Seine, France, 2003.

I read an article in a English magazine entitled ‘‘Allen and Overy’’ about how to become a good housewife. it was an ironic and airy criticism of some of John Major’s slogans, ‘‘Back to Basics’’, ‘‘Family Values’’, which, according to the authors, were directly inspired by a secondary school educational publication from the 50’s. The authors quoted a series of blurbs taken from this book relative to domestic economy and absurd caricatured advice based on a superficial conception of conjugal know-how. I used this article as inspiration. I thus gave three lessons, like a professor: ‘‘Prepare Your Husband’s Dinner Ahead of Time’’, ‘‘Prepare Yourself for Him’’, ‘‘Prepare Your Children’’, etc. I mimicked the gestures et desirend effects of the lesson: ‘‘Good Housewife’’. This performance was video taped and presented during the exhibit.

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