bread or alive @ BBB Johannes Deimling. 2004

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Deimling BBB Johannes 2004 bread or alive 1

- DEIMLING BBB Johannes, bread or alive, 2004.

film, with Sija Saarepuu, Vilu Plink, Gabriele Avanzinelli, Berlin, Germany, 2004, 9:27 minutes.


‘‘…bread or alive is the first art film by bbb johannes deimling. the film describes in a surreal way our relation to the simple but important thing: bread. the artist includes in this film images from his former performances, mixed them  with new elements and sounds. the results is a film, that points with humor and strong images on the banal and ordinary nourishment and puts it into the center…’’

Deimling BBB Johannes 2004 bread or alive 2

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