Progeny @ Steina & Woody Vasulka. 1981

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by Steina and Woody Vasulka in collaboration with Bradford Smith.
1981, 18:28 min, color, sound
Progeny is a collaboration with sculptor Bradford Smith. Smith's organic and sensual sculptural forms are transformed by the merging of one of Steina's Machine Vision devices -- a rotating, mirrored sphere with pre-programmed camera movements and optical transpositions -- with Woody's digital processing.

18:00 1981
After seeing an installation of Steina’s Machine Vision, involving mechanized cameras moving to pre-programmed patterns, sculptor Bradford Smith suggested that his work be used as the subject of a video investigation. Slowly panning over the encrusted surfaces of the sculptures, Steina’s camera records a fantastic landscape of twisted figures and gruesome armor. The varying speed, orientation, and distortion of the images transforms  the three-dimensional sculptures into a visceral four-dimensional experience.

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