Youth @ BBB Johannes Deimling. 2012

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Deimiling BBB johannes 2012 Youth

- DEIMLING BBB JohannesI, Youth, 2012.

5 minutes

Tjp-Theater junge generation, dresden, germany.

as part as of the PASyouth studies ‘‘was ist (dir) wichtig ?’’

during the pasyouth studies the participating teenagers challenged me with a task (as i gave them each day a lot of tasks to solve) with a similar structure i have used for them. the task was: ‘‘work out a performance not longer than 5 minutes, you are free to choose your material, the topic of the action should be connected with ‘youth’, the action shoudl have a clear start and end’

this is how i solved the task:

- standing beside a white chair

- folding a paper boat on the chair

-  snipping with my fingers - at the same time enlightening a flame (4 times)

- holding the paper boat and making wave-like sounds with my mouth whilegoing around the chair

- walking on the chair - over the chair back until the chair is tilting - i am falling ‑ losing the paper boat

photos: Monika Sobczak.

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