Cock and Cunt Play @ Judy Chicago. 1970 Text

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Re-Enact : FOX Oriana, Cock and Cunt Play, 2009. Once More With Feeling. Tate Modern Gallery. 27 June 2009. Londres (Re-Enact Judy Chicago, 1970). Performed with Judy Batalion, Genevieve Maxwell, and Sharon Bennett. This piece is a contemporary of Judy Chicago’s Cock and Cunt Play (1971), a comedic skit about gender stereotypes and domestic violence. It was first performed at Womanhouse (1972) by Faith Wilding and Janice Lester who wore black leotards and oversized vinyl genitalia and recited their lines with exaggereted voices. In the original play the cunt’s simple request for help washing the dishes ends in her own murder at the hands of the macho and chauvinistic Cock.

The new version is decidedly less violent and incorporates two addional characters : Cervix and Sperm. It begins with Cunt asking that Cock help her with the dishes, but when he quickly complies, Cunt gets aroused. The Cervix appears when Cock penetrates Cunt, but much to her chagrin, Sperm arrives shortly thereafter. The Cervix character takes inspiration from artist/sex-guru Annie Sprinkle who showed her cervix to live audiences as part of her solo Post Porn Modernist (1989)

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