Velocity Piece #2 @ Barry Le Va. 1970

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« One of Le Va’s more recent works was his contribution to ‘projections : Anti-Materialism’ at La Jolla Museum of Art, which consisted of the artist running at top speed along a fifty-foot room and throwing his body into the far wall as hard and as long as he could stand it. Besides the physical activity and strain of the work, which resembled an athletic event – Le Va succeeded in leaving his mark on the wall. » (— Willoughby Sharp, « New Directions in Southern California Sculpture », Arts Magazine, v. 44, Summer 1970, p. 38. Discussion of Barry Le Va’s « body sculptures » although a major part of the article discusses more traditionnal L.A. sculptors, such as Robert Irwin and Larry Bell. Excerpt.)

Le Va Barry Velocity Piece #2 1970

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