Una cosa es una cosa @ Maria Teresa Hincapié. 1990

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Hincapié Una cosa es una cosa 1990

- HINCAPIÉ Maria Teresa, Una Cosa es una cosa, 1990.

In Una cosa es una cosa (A Thing is a thing), Hincapié made and unmade series of labyrinth-like concentric squares on a gallery floor using dozens of her own domestic objects (kitchen ustensils, cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, bed sheets…). For 12 hours, 18 days in a row, in a careful and slow ceremonial way, she combined prosaic and singular gestures, materiality and ephemerality, everydayness and ritual, gender and artistic issues. For this work, Hincapié was awarded the first prize dedicated to performance art in Colombia at the XXXIII Salon Nacional de Artistas.

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