TV Hijack @ Chris Burden. 1972. F Space. Santa Ana. Californie. 19 Nov.

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« On January 14 I was asked to do a piece on a local television station by Phyllis Lutjeans. After several proposals were censored by the station or by Phyllis, I agreed to an interview situation. I arrived at the station with my own video crew so that I could have my own tape. While the taping was in progress, I requested that the show be transmitted live. Since the station was not broadcasting at the time, they complied. In the course of the interview, Phyllis asked me to talk about some of the pieces I had thought of doing. I demonstrated a TV hijack. Holding a knife at her throat, I treatened her life if the station stopped live transmission. I hold her that I had planned to make her perform obscene acts. At the end of the recording, I asked for the tape of the show. I unwound the reel and destroyed the show by dousing the tape with acetone. The station manager was irate, and I offered him my tape which included the show an dits destruction, but he refused. »

Burden Chris TV Hijack 1972

Burden Chris 1972 TV Hijack ph. G. Beydier Photo. G. Beydier

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