Tokyo Rose @ Paul & Marlene Kos. 1975-76. Videotape

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Kos Paul et Marlene Tokyo Rose 75-76

- KOS Paul and KOS Marlene, Tokyo Rose. Video installation at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1975-76.

A steel mesh environmental trap easy to enter contained a monitor depicting Marlene Kos as Tokyo Rose seductively repeating ‘Come in, I want to be your friend… do not resist… I want to be your friend.’

— Howard Junker, « Video Installation: Paul Kos and Sculptured Monitor, » Arts Magazine, v.50, November 1975, pp.64-66. General essay on the video work of Paul Kos with lengthy description of Cymbols/Symbols: Pilot Light/Pilot Butte (1974), rEVOLUTION: Notes for the Invasion – mar mar march (1975), and Tokyo Rose (1975-76). Excerpt on Tokyo Rose:

« Tokyo Rose (1976, taped but not installed at this writing) will be a trap, easy to enter, hard to escape. It will be an environment that mirrors for the viewer the content ot the tape: Marlene Kos (who is credited with script ans performance), in Oriental make-up as Tokyo Rose, is shown behind the meshes of a flytrap (similar to the trap the viewer has entered); she seductively repeats: ‘Come in. I want to be your friend. Do not struggle…’ »

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