The True Aerealist @ Dani D'Emilia. 2007

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D'Emilia Dani 2007 The True Aerealist

- D’EMILIA Dani, The True Aerealist, 2007.

The True Aerealist attempts to find a way of ‘speaking of’ those questions that arise out of the process of writing for performance. The enquiry is articulated through a performance script written for a single female performer. She tests (and often rejects) various strategies conventionally made available to women in performance. The True Aerealist explores and exploits the difficulty of speaking (truthfully) and employs strategies of excess, buffoonery and precariousness to comment on questions of representation, plurality, narrative and materialism. (Barbara Bridger). Performed by Dani D’Emilia/Written & directed by Barbara Bridger.

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