The principle of the Arch @ Darryl Sapien. 1977.

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SAPIEN Darryl, The Principle of the Arch. 1977, P.S.1, Long Island City, NYC., with Conny Vokietaitis. Two performers reconstruct the rise and fall of their personal Relationship in comparison to a Medieval alchemical text, the Rosarium Philosophorm. Metaphorical actions refer to aspects of prédestination, mythical encounters, archetypes of paradise, sacrifice, betrayal, contempt, death and rebirth. Videotaped scènes from contemporary life are inter cut between the more symbolic performance actions.

Sapien Darryl The Principle of the Arch 77 1Sapien Darryl The Principle of the Arch 77 2Sapien Darryl The Principle of the Arch 77 3

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