The Blindness Films @ Haim Maor. 1978

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Maor Haim The Blindness Films 1978

- MAOR Haim, Blind in Blue, 1978.

The motif of blindness is central to the performance Blind in Blue (1978), which took place in a kibbutz dining room. Maor appears next to a lit television set with his entire body painting blue, playing a guitar and wearing sunglasses like a blind beggar. The image of his body, which is reminiscent of the images of the blind beggars from Picasso’s Blue period, is fused with the teme of blindness, which is related to the artist’s biography.

- MAOR Haim, The Blindness, 1978.

At the center of The Blindness Film (1978) is the story of Maor’s grandfather, who lost his eyelight during the  Holocaust. Maor, who as a child led his blind grandfather, performs various activities involving the use of the hands, such as reading Brail, moving a hand through water, and touchin the face of a girl. The act of blind touch involves an act of seeing on the part of the viewer, and is related to a powerful collective theme.

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