Ten Embarrassed Men @ Annika Ström. 2010

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Strom Annika 10 embarrassed Men 2010

- STRÖM Annika, Ten Embarrassed Men, 2010.

The performances by Swedish artist Annika Ström (1964, Sweden, UK) deal with, among other things – especially with the fact that they are under-represented in public collections. The artist usually does not take part in her own performances. instead, she emplys actors to play individuals in specific situations, suc as the Ten Embarrassed Men (2010) at the art fair, The Upset Man (2011) talking loudly on his phone during the opening speeches of an art exhibition, or Seven Women Standing in the Way (2011-2012). Ironically, these performances affirm and subvert stereotypical gender roles in the art world at the same time. 

In the performance Ten Embarrassed Men, which was commissioned by Frieze Projects for the Frieze Art Fair 2010, ten embarrassed-looking men wandered around the fair stands during opening hours. The ten men were played by actors of different ages. All were dressed in identical derk trousers and white shirts, and all expressed embarrassment about the fact that women artists are under-represented on the art market.

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