Talk Given by Mr. Fred Lux @ Allan Sekula. 1974. videotape

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Sekula Allan Talk Given by Mr. Fred Lux. 74 videotape

- SEKULA Allen, Talk Given by Mr. Fred Lux, 1974. Videotape.

— Allan Sekula, Talk Given by Mr. Fred Lux at the Lux Clock Manufacturing Company Plant in Lebanon, Tennessee, on Wednesday, September 15, 1954. San Diego, 1974. Videotape, b/w. Lux… is part of a larger work, or series of works, dealing with the manner in which Americans articulate their economic lives and the manner in which these representations collide with each other. The work occupies a terrain between ‘documentary’ and ‘fiction,’  shifting self-conciously between the artifice of one modality and the artifice of the other. (from The Kitchen Catalogue, 1974-75)

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