Studies for Hologram @ Bruce Nauman. 1970

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Nauman Bruce 1970 Studies for holograms

Nauman Bruce Studies for hologram 1970

- NAUMAN Bruce, Studies for Hologram, 1970 (silkscreen on glossy cover stock. 26’’ x 26’’ (série Making Faces).

— Willoughby Sharp, « Body Works : A Pre-Critical, Non-Definitive Survey of Very Recent Work Using the Human Body or Parts Thereof », Avalanche, no. 1, Fall 1970, pp. 14-17. Extrait :

« The previous year (in 1968), Bruce Nauman made a series of eight by ten inch holograms, Making Faces. On the afternoon of Tuesday May 12, 1970 he went into a vacant Pasadena lot and clapped his hands… »

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