Street Work-The Lips @ Colette. 1973. NYC. In front of Stefonatty Gallery.

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Colette 1973 The Lips

COLETTE, Street Work-The Lips, 1973, NYC. In front of Stefonatty Gallery. 


— ‘‘Colette’s street pieces began around 1970 when she decided to make her mark of code on the sidewalks of Soho, enigmatic messages to be read from above. She performed these ritualistic actions in a harlequin costume and had them photographed and documented on film. These mysterious traces were soon followed by anatomical drawings: Colette painted large schematic diagrams in broken outlines of lips, ears, eyes, noses, or hearts on the surface of the street.’’ Peter Selz, ‘‘The Coloratura of Colette’’, Arts Magazine, 1978.

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