Soy una cerda/I am a pig @ Maria Adela Diaz. 2007. Californie. Photo. Evasofia Leon

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Diaz Maria Adela 2007 Soy una cerda-I am a pig. Californie.

- DIAZ Maria Adela, Soy una cerda/I am a pig, 2007, Californie, photo: Evasofia Leon. (vidéo-performance)

Video: single-channel digital video. I put a skirt under an apricot tree to recollect all the ripe apricots that the tree could produce in a week. I ate all the fruit that fell down the tree. I stuffed myself with apricots until I couldn’t eat more. This piece talks about the lack of moderation and intemperance. Showing how humanity excessively uses the resources for their own satisfaction.

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