Snot @ Herma Auguste Wittstock. 2005. Amsterdam (video performance)

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Wittstock Herma Auguste 2005 Snot. Amsterdam

- WITTSTOCK Herma Auguste, Snot, 2005, Binnenkant 21, Amsterdam.

13 minutes/video performance

In this film my face is filmed from a low angle. The light is low, the shot stays the same. I cry. After a while snot starts running from my nose. After a big chunk of snot has come out, the film starts over.

Naturalness and disgust are often not far apart. Snot is a normal thing for a baby; for an adult it is uncomfortable. Something glossy runs from a nose and reminds us of glue. A new beauty and naturalness emerges. Photo/video: Herma Auguste Wittstock.

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