Shadow Deeds @ Anne Bean. 2006

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Bean Anne Shadow Deed 2006

- BEAN Anne, Shadow Deeds, 2006.

Shadow Deeds are performances Anne bean first developped in 1969-1974 (when she was 18-24) that she performed in front a camera in 1996-2005. Bean showed the resulting video reenactments in the Autobituary exhibition at Matt’s Gallery in London in 2006. Music, destruction, drawing and the female body are key subjects in Bean’s work, which also focuses on artistic conditions turn out of their original contexts. The DVDs include two Shadow Deeds: the performance Mortality and Drawing Life. The context of the first lies in the simple, unifying trait of art and life: impermanence. Here, the artist asks herself what would happen if she called her dog ‘‘Mortality’’ and shouted after him in public. The opposite case is the topic of Drawing Life, the physical presence of the body. In this performance, the blindfolded artist draws the outlines of a female nude lying on paper, merging the pursuit of artistic form and the role of women in art into one.

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