Sculpture in Three Parts @ Chris Burden. 1974

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Burden Chris Sculpture in Three Parts 1974

- BURDEN Chris, Sculpture in Three Parts, 1974. Hansen Fuller Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. September 10-21, 1974.

« I sat on a small metal stool placed on a sculpture stand directly in front of the gallery entrance, an elevator door. A sign on the stand read: ‘Sculpture in Three Parts. I will sit on this chair from 10:30 am 9/10/74 until I fall off.’ About 10 feet away, a camera was constantly attended by changing photographers waiting to take a photograph as I fell. I sat on the chair for 43 hours. When I fell, a chalk outline was drawn on the floor around my body. I wrote ‘Forever’ inside the outline. I placed another sign on the stand which read: ‘I sat on this chair from 10:30 am 9/10/74 until fell off at 5:25 am 9/12/74.’ The chair, stand, and outline remained on exhibit until September 21. »

— Barbara Radice, « Chris Burden, » DATA, v.4, no.12, Summer 1974, pp.106-109. In « Practice and Theory of Art » issue. Article on Burden with text (in italian) and photo documentation of several performance works (photo captions in Italian and English).

— M. L. Sowers, « Chris Burden Performs, » Artweek, v.5, October 5, 1974, p.3. Review of Burden’s duration piece at the Hansen-Fuller Gallery, San Francisco. Burden sat on a chair that was raised on a stand and situated in front of the gallery’s elevator doors until he fell off, 43 hours later.

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