Returning Interaction @ Oreet Ashery. 2005-07

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Ashery Oreet 2005-07 Returning Interaction

- ASHERY Oreet, Returning Interaction, 2005-2007.

Returning Interaction is part of the ongoing project ‘‘Welcome Home’’ (www. Participants are asked to choose a blindfold and draw their teenage bedroom in a large sketchbook. The blindfolds have the word ‘‘returning’’ on them in different languages according to the location of the interaction. After the drawing is done, and the blindfold  removed, they are asked to write a sentence about it. The books slowly fill up. In most cases participants are positively surprised by the ‘blind’ drawing. The displaced lines in the drawings show gaps in memory, time and space. The stories around the drawings speak generally of family relations, immigration, rite of passage and related social and cultural backdrops. (Public/site-specific)

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