Resistance @ Maria Adela Diaz. 2008. performance-action. Photo. Rosina Cazali

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Diaz Maria Adela 2008 Resistance. Guatemala 1

- DIAZ Maria Adela, Resistance, 2008, Guatemala. photo. Rosina Cazali (performance, action)

‘‘Horror vacui’’ Primera muestra de performance y accionismo, Centro de Formacion de la Cooperacion Espanola, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. Exploring the pain of detachment, caused by the absence and emptiness of people who were kidnepped, tortured and killed during the military regimes that plagued the region of Guatemala and Latin American countries. 

A two-day event, ‘‘Horror vacui’’ took place in La Antigua Guatemala in the context of ‘‘The Disappeared,’’ a travelling exhibition organized by the North Dakota Museum of Art and curated by Laurel Reuter.

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