Red Pomegranates @ Elena Kovylina. 2011

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Kovylina Elena Red Pomegranates 2011

- KOVYLINA Elena, Red Pomegranates, 11-01-2011. Exhibition statement: I advocate feminism-Kultur Kontakt Autria Wien.

As it happens with every notion scandalized in the mass media, feminism was torn to vulgar pieces, cliché and manifests instead of being deeply discussed and inderstood in the due time. Historically, if a talk of women springs up then men are its point of departure. And thinking about it, ordinary mind would picture an image of a man hater, the one of a woman who doesn’t have passion for men and is not willing to attract them. Another image (of a feminist) will be of inaccessable lady that  gives men odds and laughs at them while being sexually desired.

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