Rasmussen Once More With Feeling - Tate Modern 27 June 2009

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NEVER MIND POLLOCK by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

Performed with Marlon Dolcy, Fabian Hartwell and Bruce Sharp

Lilibeth Cuenca Ramussen's Never Mind Pollock appropriates performances by numerous artists including Orlan, Yayoi Kusama, Ana Mendieta, Carolee Schneemann, Janine Antoni and Helena Almeida. All of the original performances are connected in their expressive use of paint and their implicit critique of the macho male painter which Jackson Pollock represents. Tying together all these pieces is Rasmussen's rap-like pop song which provides the narrative of the piece :

Contemporary art is a grand buffet/just shovel in the art of the day/too much consumption might cause bulimia/while there is only loathe/for starving artists in bohemia/repeating reinventing new frames/recycling and sampling remains/historical pieces might tire/new names youg fames help art respire...


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