Proporties @ Dora Maurer. 1979

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Maurer Dora Proporties 1979 Maurer Dora Proporties 1979 1

- MAURER Dóra, Proporties, 1979.

Dóra Maurer (1937, Hungary) is one of the most important figures of Hungarian art since the 1970s. Together with Orshi Drozdik and Judit Kele, she was one of the pioneers of feminist body and performance art in Hungary. In her analysis of the medial image of photography and video, Maurer’s mise-en-scènes negotiate the processes involved in perception, construction of reality and subversion of gender norms. In the early 1980s, she began exploring abstract painting and spatial concepts in her conceptual and geometric abstractions in photography, film and graphic art.

Using the lenght of her body as a basic measurement, Dóra Maurer draws evenly spaced black lines on a rolled out strip of paper, creating a kind of grid on the surface. She then performs minimalist actions on the equally sized squares. She starts over and over again, performing different choreographed movements on the white strip of paper while comparing the proportions of her hands, arms, feet and body. Her body measurements take on a strictly serial nature and are structured trhough the repetitive movements and the segments of individual image sequences on paper. 

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