Procession @ Teresa Murak. 1974

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Murak Teresa Procession 1974

- MURAK Teresa, Procession, 1974.

In the very spring of 1974, the artist put on herself a cresse coat grown earlier (the working method being a reference to the tradition of handiwork and ‘female labor’), and set out on a Procession through the streets of Warsaw, thus introducing the figure of Mother Nature into a realm of specifically belonging to culture. This gesture, primarily referring to the relationship between the feminine and the natural being – also a main focus essential to feminism, albeit differently – present in corporal feminism, was at the same time a political one, an intervention in urban space which manifested a sensitivity extremely different to that officially valid in the People’s Republic of Poland.

The cress seed, a small fast-growing plant with a distinctive smell, became Teresa Murak’s trademark. Co-existing with the artist, in most cases the plant becomes the subject of her examination and the object of care while her art practice connected with the seeds is based on the idea of co-existence.

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