Portrait of the Artist x 3 @ Darryl Sapien. 1979

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Sapien Darryl Portrait of the Artist x 3 79 1

- SAPIEN Darryl, Portrait of the Artist x 3, 1979. Videotape. 

Ruins of Playland at the Beach, San Francisco. Ca., with Michael Hinton and others. Taking place amongst the ruins of demolished amusement park this three part performance Drew a portrait of the artist at three crucial stages of development. The Learning stage where the artist masters his skills, the middle period of hard work and monumental effort, and the final period of entrapment, escape, and renewal. The audience wandered through the vast sandy landscape of broken concrete and jutting abutments to view the three performances which were running simultaneously.

— Robert Atkins, ‘‘Celebrating Alienation,’’ Artweek, v.10, September 29, 1979, p.7. Review of Sapien’s Work, Portrait of the Artist x 3, performed September 1, 1979, in San Francisco near the ruins, site of Playland at the Beach. Excerpt:

   Three groups of male performers (all members of the Performance Foundation) simultaneously performed in three different locations. Michael Hinton, Henri Bridges and Jamal constructed a tall, phallic tower from sandbags. Cyd Gibson and Horace Washington used blow torches to inscribe geometric forms on a tar-covered wall on which geometric images by Jeff Vaughan were projected. Darryl Sapien and Brian Carter performed in the ruins of a cylindrical, high-walled building. Within it was a central pit lit a hellish red. One performer typed in the pit while the other manipulated the discarded lumber and junk littering the larger arena. (I found this the most engrossing of the three performances.) Sapien and Carter were futuristically garbed in white, and a dark, primitive and corporeal energy pulsated throughout the surreal, Fellini-esque environment.

Sapien Darryl Portrait of the Artist x 3 79 2

Sapien Darryl Portrait of the Artist x 3 79 3Sapien Darryl Portrait of the Artist x 3 79 4

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