Pisces @ Terry Fox. 1971

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Fox Terry Pisces 1971

- FOX Terry, Pisces, De Saisset Art Gallery, University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Ca., 1971. 

Performance presented for the exhibition, Fish, Fox, Kos (Fish, Fox, Kos. Santa Clara, California : De Saisset Art Gallery, University of Santa Clara, 1971. Catalogue for an exhibition, February 2-28, 1971, includes visual, verbal and recorded material.) Fox attached string between two fish and the hair on his head and his teeth. He slept in a attempt to dream about the killing of the fish. 

— Cecile McCann, « Three Concepts », Artweek, v. 2, February 13, 1971, p. 2. Review of Fish, Fox, Kos, a three person exhibition at the De Saisset Art Gallery, University of Santa Clara. Includes description of Fox’s performance, Pisces, Kos’ video documentation rEVOLUTION, and Allan Fish (Tom Marioni’s) performance with his son and a hen. Extrait :

« Below the shelter of the parachute Fox, barefooted and wearing white pants and shirt, lay asleep on a floor covered with white canvas. Tied to a tuft of his hair a cord ran out across the floor to the tail of a fat grey fish, a carp perhaps, about a foot long, that lay on a patch of white cloth surimposed on the floor covering. A second fish nearby was tied by a cord that ran to Fox’s mouth. Close to the fish a grey pan of water held something that looked like soap. Near the barred doorway where viewers stood, two large flashlights were almost buried in a pile of soap powder, the light of one just visible, burning feebly in competition with the big bulb above. »

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