Paralized @ Klara Lidén. 2003

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Lidén Klara Paralyzed 2003

- LIDÉN Klara, Paralyzed, 2003.

Klara Lidén (1979, Sweden) works are multidisciplinary. She uses video, installations and photography to involve the spectator in a subtle reflection on the connection between body and space. Thanks to her architectural trainin, she has a feeling for the ability to tranform public and private spaces through the presence of the body and different mimes and movements. Starting from everyday situations and places, new stages of interaction are created that transform the conventions of bodily representation. In a playful, provocative, rebellious and almost actionist manner, Lidén appropriates these spaces and modifies them, thereby rejecting the codes of behaviour that are commonly associated with them.

The artist is sitting on a train. She stands up and begins to dance acrobatically, occupying all the available spaces in the carriage. Her body adopts postures that transgress the typical body language of public transport. Beneath the curious to indifferent gaze of the other passengers, Lidén transforms the space in which she moves, revealing the rigidity of movement and the interaction models which govern that physical and social place.

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