Objet de femmes @ Augusta Atla. 2011

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Atla Augusta Objet de femmes 2011

- ATLA Augusta, Objets de femmes, 2011.

A table is covered with a white sheet evidently prepared for a celebration. Around the table several women dressed in black begin to appear. Their black garments starkly contrast with the white of the embroidered fabric, the lace, the shawls covering the furniture and the chairs of the room. The women interact with the objets found on the table. They fold up the clothes, hang up fish using rope suspended from the ceiling on the room, remove seeds from a pomegranate on a wooden washboard, hold a doll in their hands. In a revisiting of the pictorial genre of still life, the tools and materials used in the performance are expressed again through the women’s movements and actions taking the gestures of daily life out of context. The traditional roles of women as the ones responsible for family care and home maintenance are critically examined as the representation of the female body breaks with its objectified role in the pictorial image. (Photo. Nikolas Branidis)

Atla Augusta Objet de femmes 2

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