o.T. @ Herma Auguste Wittstock. 2008. Nijmegen. Pays-Bas

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Wittstock Herma Auguste 2008 o.T. Pays-Bas

- WITTSTOCK Herma Auguste, o.T., 2008, University of Applied Sciences, Nijmegen, Pays-Bas.

45 minutes/live performance

Wearing a thin beige dress, I stand in the corner of a room in a frozen position. After a while I take the lowest corner of the dress and put it in my mouth. I put more and more of the dress into my mouth. Finally the dress disappears into my mouth.

Then I pull the dress out of my mouth again, as well as a long black string (cassette tape). While I am dragging the tape out of my mouth, I wrap it around my body.

Because of dancing and shaking, the tape and the dress fall off my body and I’m naked.

Photo/video: Yingmei Duan.

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