No One Can Take That Away from Me @ Diana/DAF/Collazos. 2013. São Paulo

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Diana:DAF:Collazos 2013 No One Can Take That Away From Me.

DAF/Collazos Diana, No One Can Take That Away from Me, 2013, São Paulo.

Public intervention. Hemispheric Institute Encuentro, 2013. Photo. Julio Pantoja.

Images are installed as ‘‘advertisements’’ at different points along a thoroughfare. On them, the autor appears cross-dressed in men’s outfits corresponding to different indigenous dances of her country, seeking to question and generate dialogue around gender identity, the terms ‘‘machismo’’ and ‘‘feminism’’, and advocating for the idea of a body of sexual multiplicity, balanced between its multiple options, free of social prejudices.

Diana/DAF/Collazos is a multidisciplinary artist and independant cultural producer. Her work centers around performance, urban interventions, video, and installation.

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