My Honey @ MaraM. 2007

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MaraM My Honey 2007

- MARAM, My Honey, 2007.

MaraM (1979) was born in Naples, Italy, where she also studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli. She later moved to Venice where she attended courses with Joseph Kosuth and Tania Bruguera at the Universita IUAV di Venezia. Her durational performances emphasize symbolism and the role of the individual experience and thematise endurance as an existential condition.

In the two-hour long performance My Honey, the artist stands on several open jars of honey. Occasionally, she pours the content of one of the jars over her head. When the honey comes into contact with her eyes, it causes her to cry. The bitter taste of tears and the sweet flavour of honey mingle in the artist’s mouth. The performance took place in the context of ‘‘Portperformance’’, a project by the Polish artist Angelika Fotjuch at the Berlin-based Gesellschaft für künstlerische Forschung (Network for Artistic Research). Performance 27 July 2007, GfKFB, Berlin, Germany.

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