My First Car @ Tom Marioni. 1972

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Marioni Tom My First Car 1972

- MARIONI Tom (as Allan Fish), My First Car, De Saisset Gallery, Santa Clara, Ca., 1972.

Marioni when offered an exhibition at the gallery used the budget to buy a car. “I was going to give them the car for their permanent collection, although I was going to keep it because I lettered on the side of the door De Saisset Museum and the dates of the show and my name, sa that as I drove the car aound, I was driving around one of the objects from the collection of the De Saisset Museum. And even so the car was in my name because I went out and bought it, with the money they gave me. So then I exhibited the car and it was a small Fiat, one of those little small 500’s like everybody drives in Europe, and I drove it up the steps, through the double door, into the gallery and parked it on this nice 19th century rug… I parked the car in there with paper under it so that the rug didn’t get ruined and at the opening I sat in the car and drank champagne and there was a microphone in the back seat and in the corner of the gallery was a video camera. People would come up and talk to me in the window of the car and I could listen to the radio in the car, and they got in and we talked and everything… » (see Performance Anthology. Source Book of California Performance Art, p. 83)

— Hilla Futterman, « Activity as Sculptures; Tom Marioni Discusses His Work with Hilla Futterman, » Art & Artists, v.8, August 1973, pp.18-21. Excerpts:

« I did a piece in the gallery at the University of Santa Clara in February [1972] called ‘My First Car.’ It was a sppof on Don Potts but the gallery didn’t know that. I asked them how much money they had budgeted for the show, and I used that money to buy myself a car. I exhibited the car as the documentation of that act… »

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