Mujer sin Titulo/Untitled Women @ Maria Adela Diaz. 2000 et 2007. Guatemala et Venezuela

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Diaz Maria Adela 2000 et 2007 Mujer sin Titulo-Untitled Wom Diaz Maria Adela 2000 et 2007 Mujer sin Titulo-Unt-copie-1

- DIAZ Maria Adela, Mujer sin Titulo/Untitled Women, 2000 (National Theater, Guatemala) et 2007 (Teresa Carreno Theater, Caracas, Venezuela). Photo: Jaime Freire (Guatemala) et Howard Yanes (Caracas)

Performance, Space Intervention. Twelve young women’s dressed equal, walking through a closed circuit repeated times. I obtained the collaboration of thirteen women who voluntered to participate in this performance even though they knew that the piece was meant to be understood as a self-criticism of us as women. The orange color of the uniforms was meant to remind the viewer of the uniforms of prisoners who are condemned to death. I used a similar make-up scheme for all the women, as well as similar hairstyles and shoes. The idea was to evoke an image of a living mannequin. The piece was intended as a criticism of uniform women who don’t break the cycles or the links that tie her down in the comings and goings of daily life which tend to follow a single pattern. Untitled Women are the women who remain inert in society.

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