Micro-Event No. 9bis @ Tsuneko Taniuchi. 2000

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Taniuchi Micro-event 9bis 2000

- TANIUCHI Tsuneko, Micro-Event No.9bis/A Female Boxer. ‘‘I am not a Penelope’’, François Mitterrand Art Center, Beauvais, 2000.

I installed a bathtub, a TV monitor for screening the second performance of Micro-Event No. 9 ans a poster announcing the date of the world championship boxing match (which corresponds with the closing day of the exhibit). The closing day of the exhibit, in full public view, I asked a model (a naked white man) to sit in the bathtub full of the bubble bath and watch the entire 45-minutes video (in which I boxed against a punching ball, with rap music), without moving. I filmed the whole scene with for 45 minutes at the closing day.

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