Micro-Event No. 5 @ Tsuneko Taniuchi. 2000-2001

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Taniuchi Micro-Event 5 2000

- TANIUCHI Tsuneko, Micro-Event No.5/Nine Female Characters. Paris Pour Escale, Museum of Modern Art, Paris, 2000-2001.

During a five-hour period, I enclosed in a 27 cubic-meter transparent plastic cube; I played nine female characters, each identifiable by a simple gesture and different costumes. These nine characters are: a female narrator, a waitress, a homeless woman (the Plastic Bag Lady), a Japanese high school girl, a Japanese school girl, ‘‘Ninja Girl’’, a female boxer, a sale rep for baby nappies, Ganguro Girl (the bimbo: with a faced blacked from ultra-violet rays, in colorful clothing and platforms shoes). The furnishing of this cube was composed on a bed, a table, a chair, a television, a mirror and a punching ball. The five hours of activity were video taped and shown during the exhibit next to the cube containing the traces of this action. At Transpalette Gallery, I transformed the exhibit space into a discotheque, I invited a DJ (X.K.I.) to play while I simulated the 9 women characters.

Tanuichi Micro-Evénement 5 2000-2001

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