Micro-Event No. 14 @ Tsuneko Taniuchi. 2002

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Taniuchi Micro-Event 14 2002

- TANIUCHI Tsuneko, Micro-Event No. 14/Future Bride Likes to Paint.‘‘Art & Vitrine’’, Rouger & Plé, Paris, 2002.

I placed myself in an artist supply shop window on which is written: Future Bride Likes to Paint. I played these for four 2-hour sessions. I was dressed in a wedding gown and I painted in real time with my palette and easel. This character is both comical and absurd, a pure comsumer good, a piece of merchandise offered in the smallest detail: the bride for sale. This performance has been taped on video. It was shown during the exhibit, instead of the ‘‘Future Bride’’ at the shop window.

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