Lines in the Sand @ Joan Jonas. 2002

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Jonas Joan Lines in the sand 2002

- JONAS Joan, Lines in the Sand, 2002.

Narrated by Jonas, Lines in the Sand is a deeply subjective meditation no less about the fate of self than of civilization. By chronologically and geographically transposing the story of H. D. and her alter ego,  Helen, on to present day Las Vegas, whose Luxor Hotel provides the perfect mise en scene, Jonas Subtly and not so subtly transcribes contemporary reality into myth. Picking up where H.D. left off, Jonas’ suggestion that a now liberated Helen has turned up in Vegas is perfectly in keeping with myth’s ability to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction. But despite its humorous aspect, the date of its production and its title, make Lines in the Sand somewhat conspicious with respect to any myth regarding war. Made in 2002, at a time when there was talk of a sequel to the first Gulf War, Jonas’ title cannot help but refer to the declaration of war President Bush the elder issued to Saddam Hussein for his invasion of Kuwait. Premiered at The Kitchen, NYC.

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