Le chien ne va plus @ Cornelia Sollfrank. 2006

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Sollfrank Cornelia Le chien ne va plus 2006 Sollfrank Cornelia le Chien ne va plus 2006 1

- SOLLFRANK Cornelia, Le Chien ne va plus, 2006.

Cornelia Sollfrank (1960, Germany), who became kown as a pioneer of Internet art, studied at the Munich Academy of Fine arts and the Hamburg University of Fine Arts. Since the mid-1990s, Sollfrank has been examining the worldwide communication networks and transferring the traditional artistic and subversive strategies of the avant-garde to digital media. Another central theme of her work is an examination of various forms of collaboration, networking and communication as art forms. Many of her works explicitly or implicitly deal with issues of gender.

Since 2006, Cornelia Sollfrank has been working on her series Re-visiting Feminist art, in which she examines artworks which are relevant to her. In Le Chien ne va plus, she walks around a shopping mall in Hamburg-Harburg with a man on all fours on a leash, like VALIE EXPORT did with Peter Weibel in the streets of Vienna for her work Aus der Mappe der Hundigkeit (1969). Wile this goes on, the camera watches the reaction of passers-by. Especially children and teenagers are very amused by the display.

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