Lady Luck. A Double Portrait of Las Vegas Personification of a Myth @ Lynn Hershman. 1975

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Hershman Lynn Lady Luck 1975

- HERSHMAN Lynn, Lady Luck: A Double Portrait of Las Vegas, 1975.

— Lynn Hershman, « Lady Luck: A Double Portrait of Las Vegas », Self-published, 1976. Documentary artist book for a work that took place at Circus Circus Casino and Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2, 1975. Excerpt:

« On March 2, 1975, the ritual celebration was performed. Lisa [Charles] and her wax altered ego matched wits ate the roulette table at Circus Circus. Siteen curious spectators flew to Las Vegas from San Francisco to share the experience. Lisa and Lady Luck each began with $1500.00 worth of chips. While Lisa based her bets on intuition, Lady Luck was aided by an amplified tape of prerecorded numbers. By the end of the game, Lisa had $40.00 while Lady Luck had won $1620.00. »

— Moira Roth, « An interview with Lynn Hershman », LAICA Journal, no.17, January/February 1978, pp.18-24. (Errata-three additional photos appear in Journal no.19). Excerpt:

« MR: And then, also in 1975, you did the Las Vegas: A Double Portrait of Lady Luck.

LH: Yes. I again dit a portrait of a city – Las Vegas – just as I had done the portrait of New York. And I wanted to do a double portrait. The first casio I went to was called ‘Circus Circus’, and the first person I met there was called ‘Charles Charles’. Charles Charles had a wife who was an employee of the casino, and I made a wax sculpture double of her. The real woman and the sculpture were dressed alike, wore the same make-up and looked identical. The sculpture had a prerecorded cassette tape of her gambling moves. The woman used her intuition, and the two of them played roulette at the casino. The sculpture won in the metaphysical match…

Then there was Roberta, also in 1975. She was the woman who left the hotel room and went on to have her own life…

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