La Femme sans tête @ Nil Yalter. 1974 (vidéo)

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Yalter Nil La femme sans tête 1974

- YALTER Nil, La Femme Sans Tête, 1974.

Nil Yalter is a video artist, born in 1938 in Cairo and raised in Istanbul. She lives in Paris since 1965. In the 1970s, she became concerned with the situation of women and immigration in different countries, depicting this in her works, which span different genres and often combine photographs and drawings. In 1973, she created the installation A Nomad’s Tent thait is a Study of Private, Public, and Feminine Spaces. Since the 1980s, she has expanded her artistic repertoire to include video, and in the 1990s she began working with multi-media installations. She continues to be politically active and aware today, and her approach to the technological possibilities of art remains vibrant.

La Femme sans tête is one of Nil Yalter’s early videos. It shows the artist painting her belly with passages by René Nelly, an author who writes about eroticism and civilization. The artwork portrays an experimental and energetic appropriation of the female body.

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