La Carga @ Maria Adela Diaz. 2005. Californie. Performance-vidéo. Photo. Miguel Morales

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Diaz Maria Adela 2005 La Carga. Californie. ph. Miguel Mora

- DIAZ Maria Adela, La Carga, 2005. Californie. Photo. Miguel Morales. (performance-vidéo)

Video: single-channel digital video. Duration: 3min. Photos: Digital C-prints, 16’’x20’’. Californie. 2005. Photo: Miguel Morales.

Carrying my daughter in my arms walking through a difficult trails and hills. In this piece, I try to express my conviction that a mother is inevitably bound to fulfilling her role as a mother and taking care of a defenseless being that needs her. This piece speaks about the difficulties I have to go through as a single event parent. It also portrays women as strong and able to overcome any obstacle and discover unprecedented strength within themselves because of their children.

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