Kipper Kids. 1975. Laica. Los Angeles. Photo Bill Borden

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Kipper Kids 1975 Laica Los Angeles

- KIPPER KIDS, Laica, Los Angeles (photo)

— Peter Clothier, « The Kipper Kids: An Endless Ritual, » LAICA Journal, no.5, April/May 1975, pp.47-49. Excerpt:

« The performance is gross, obscene, irreverent and unbeautiful. It is a deliberate and unremitting distortion of the niceties of our social behavior, our beliefs, our intimacies and our art into the grotesque. It’s hard, for example, to imagine anything more innocent and warmly human than a child’s birthday party: in the hands of the Kipper Kids it becomes an obscene, piggy ritual, without joy or love, which includes the perfunctory exchange of rubber ducks as ‘gift,’ a lunatic scoffing match as the two stuff ‘cake’ into their mouths (actually a dinner roll which must have been several weeks old), and a final regurgitation of the remains into the faces of the audience. Hideous-and hideously funny. Each of the successive food ceremonies which form the tri-partite structure of the action – the birthday party, a tea ceremony and a dinner – is a ritual which becomes the occasion for fetichism, obscenity, and a series of sounds and gestures ranging from the low- to the clearly sub-human: burping, gobbling, squealing and squawking, poking, pulling, pinching, goosing, and so on. In short, a Freudian nightmare-comedy of oral and anal obsession. »

Kipper Kids 1975 Laica Los Angeles 1

Kipper Kids 1975 Laica Los Angeles 1 Photo Bill Borden

Kipper Kids 1975 Laica Los Angeles 2

Kipper Kids 1975 Laica Los Angeles 3

Kipper Kids 1975 Laica Los Angeles 4

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