Isolation Unit @ Terry Fox & Joseph Beuys. 1970

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Fox made an action with sounds and iron pipes ; Beuys made an action that « was a kind of dream about a dead mouse he had, like a funeral. » A record was produced from this event. (Cf. Fox Terry. « Joseph Beuys and Terry Fox : Action/Fotodokumentation », Interfunktionen 6, Cologne, September 71, pp. 34-54)

« On November 24 (1970) at 7 p.m., after spending four hours alone together in the cellar of the Dusseldorf Kunstakademie, Joseph Beuys and Terry Fox carried out Isolation Unit, a half hour performance, for an audience of about thirty friends. The event acted as a requiem for a pet mouse kept by Beuys for three years which had just died. Clad in his special felt suit, (a Block multiple) Beuys gave the mouse a ride on a tape recorder reel, and then stood gently cradling it in one hand while he ate an exotic fruit and spat the seeds into a silver bowl. A 33 rpm record, with Beuys on one side and Fox on the other, has been made of the event. » « Rumbles ; Exhibitions, Terry Fox » Avalanche, no. 2, Winter 1971, p. 5. Description of Isolation Unit. Excerpt. 

(Fox) « I came to Dusseldorf and I wanted to do something, to make an action, and I didn’t have th espace. So I went to Beuys and met him the first time and he showed me all the rooms of the Academy where i twas possible to make an action. Then we went to the cella rand i twas wonderful there : so I decided to make an action with sounds and iron pipes (like bells) in the cellar because the sound was very good there. One or two days before he asked me to do something together and he made something too. But I didn’t ask him what he was going to do. His action was a kind of dream about a dead mouse he had, like a funeral for the mouse together with the sound, and fire, and ashes. Beuys too made sounds, we have a record we made of them. » (Terry Fox, extrait : Achille Bonito Oliva, « Terry Fox », Domus, April 1973, p. 45.) 

Fox Terry & Beuys Joseph Isolation Unit 1971

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