Introvert/Penetrate... @ Jole de Freitas. 1973

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De Freitas Jole Introvert-Penetrate... 1973

- De FREITAS Jole, Introvert/Penetrate. Extrovert/Penetrate. Fear/Do Not Penetrate, 1973.

« Using photography as a means of expression interests me inasmuch as it allows me to record the climate of my mental state. My body was photographed by myself; if another person had operated the camera the resulting image would not be that on which I alone must intervene at a given moment. Anybody else’s perception would completely change the psychological meaning of the situation. I still need an intense release of feelings and I mean to record more than to document, through a planned image, certain moments which are part of an intimistic research, to reach a better understanding of myself. Such an aim was always present in all my priot activities: first with dance through corporeal expression, then with group analysis through verbal expression and presently by means of recording my image in particular psychic states.

The work I am presenting here, however, does not only involve the recording of what I call a psychic release, because the resulting images are supported by a rational organization which refers to the dialectics of language, as it appears from the contrasts between images and words. »

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